The Department of Social Development, e-Health Foundation and TeleCare Solutions have teamed up to provide underprivileged elderly persons within the Sir Lowry’s Pass Village and Macassar areas within the Western Cape with world-class lifestyle monitoring and medical alert technology that could not only potentially save a life, but importantly, provide daily peace-of-mind to these individuals and their families, as well as enable them to lead safe and independent lives.

The 24/7 emergency response to all health, safety and security concerns of the patient, in addition to the monitoring service that the CareStation (the technology that enables this service) provides, really provides a far higher quality of life. Patients recover from illness quicker in the comfortable familiarity of their own home and are less likely to travel the often long, gruelling distances to visit the clinic or hospital.

But our reach is limited...

The largest portion of South Africa’s population lives below the bread-line. This technology is usually only in the reach of more financially secure patients - placing this valuable service out of the reach of most. With its limited funds, The Department of Social Development and the e-Health Foundation need your help so that we can extend this life-saving service to underprivileged South Africans throughout the country.

"they helped make our nation what it is today - isnt it time we helped them”?

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