Governance Framework

As an organization with public accountability (being a NGO/NPO with PBO responsibilities), the eHealth Services Foundation has developed a five-level Governance Framework for projects. This enables the Foundation to integrate its strategic mission, teams and skills-base with the requirements of our projects.

The five-levels Governance Framework is part of the eHealth Services Foundation’s governance and business charter :

Technical Level
Operations Level
Business Level
Strategy Level
Governance Level

Corporate Structure

As a NPO / NGO trust, registered and incorporated under the Companies Act of South Africa and as a registered trust, the eHealth Services Foundation is a non-profit entity. Thus, the Foundation receives, disburses and raises finances (such as in fund-raising) for its projects (NPO Registration Number: IT 794/2010) in terms of the Government Gazzetted Codes of Good Practice, and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, a certification has been obtained that is renewed on an annual basis.

Head office: Cape Town, South Africa – Northern suburbs.

Board of Trustees: Business Governance
E-Health Services Foundation
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