Identify local market information on the supply of e-health and support services for the public sector, private sector and for  individuals.
Access support on developing and implementing regional and local e-health action plans.
Obtain advice on public and private sector capital and revenue streams to inform business investment decisions.
Facilitate the adaptation of good practice to local settings.
To promote sustainable local development, through entrepreneurship and job creation (respecting natural resources such as water, natural resources, energy consumption, green energy and the impact on the environment).
Support successful applicants with the development process.
Access knowledge management tools to support best-practice development and service improvement.
Secure funding to research, test and evaluate new and innovative models of e-health solutions support (e.g., open source / open standards and platforms, entrepreneurial projects);
Offer training and consultancy resources to support service development and change management processes;
Convene regional e-health meetings to identify and share what works.

Examples of our projects

Functions as a national network to support local social service redesign through the application of telecare / telehealth / mobile health (m-Health) in order to aid citizens in self-assisted care, home care and quality of living life-style.

National Advocacy:

Play a role in national advocacy of key themes (“agendas”) as they may be required and then the services of strategic media consultants are engaged in order to position the project correctly in the media – for example to undertake lead for promoting service improvement elements as set out by the Government White Paper on Telemedicine, South Africa, and partner in its support programs.

Strategic Partnerships:

Work alongside national and international organizations (government, statutory or private)

Business Best-Practices:

Employs best-practice entrepreneurial business development models and has in-house working understanding of the 10-P model of The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact, USA (

Project-specific theme where we develop and assist entrepreneurial and micro-financing initiatives for Africa:

Collaborate with leading thinkers in micro-finance (Egypt and India) and entrepreneurial development to develop self-sustaining business opportunities on the continent.

Working with mission organizations to provide rural communities with basic needs and “green” resources

Organizations / businesses that intend to partner / sponsor projects but require a partner who accepts high-level governance with operational efficiency in order to deliver on projects / sponsorships.

The Foundation’s regional, national and internatrional work on the continent streams together groups with a focus on health, healthcare, social care and entrepreneurship (preferably those in leadership / senior management) for the public, private and voluntary sectors – especially those involved in the planning, commissioning, development and delivery of e-health and e-care and support solutions.

The Foundation adopts an accountability framework in order to deliver outcome-based and performance-based outputs for projects on behalf of its sponsors / stakeholders. Capabilities within the foundation are for example:

Integration of an open source health information platform with telemedicine devices in South Africa.

Create a sustainable business model for job creation, entrepreneurship and respect for our essential resources in Africa.

Thematic workshops and conferences and learning sessions with experts.

A comprehensive on-line knowledge resource to access and share information.

Commissioning specific research and initiatives to support innovation or improve understanding of how e-health can support the integration of Telemedicine/Telehealth/TeleCare/m-Health technologies in South Africa.

Capturing evidence of good practice and case studies.

Dissemination of the outcome of key findings, initiatives and projects.